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Other raw materials

We offer you wide range of high quality raw materials for cosmetics and household chemicals from Europe and Asia at affordable pices:

OAT Cosmetics, United Kingdom - raw material for cosmetics made of oat and barley.

Confirmed benefits and ECOCERT certificate: superfine oatmeal, beta-gluсan, oat avenanthramides, oat lipid, colloidal oatmeal and barleymeal. 

 oat fields with sunsun through oats_D3X4170Oat COM trial 3

Warwick International Ltd, United Kingdom -

Granulated bleaching activator TAED, trademark Mykon ATC (white, blue, green, red colours)

Minerals Technologies Incorporated 

(former AMCOL International), United Kingdom -

Bentonites – fabric softeners, trademark Quest, in the form of powder, granules, suspension, for tablets. 

Complex builders (substitute for sodium tripolyphosphate and zeolites), trademark QuestLock and Q2.

Granules Quest containing anionic and non-ionic surfactants.

Bleaching granules Quest PWA. 


In our product range you may also find:

  • Different types of waxes for cosmetic and candles production
  • Flavours for lip-sticks and toothpastes
  • Orange and Mandarin terpenes
  • UV-filters
  • Guar