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Our perfumers create key fragrances not only for the mass market, but for premium brands as well. Perfumery sector is aimed at waking feelings and emotions, and at inspiring consumers, that is why for this sector creativity and talent are the most needed characteristics. 

Our product range consists of high quality fragrances for all the kinds of perfumery and cosmetics products and household chemistry:

  • Personal care products
  • Perfumery
  • Household chemistry (including screen wipers based on isopropyl alcohol, detergents based on chloride, ammonium, acid and alkaline medium)
  • Automobile cosmetics
  • Fragrances for eliminating bad odours
  • Fragrances containing natural essential oils
  • Water-soluble fragrances
  • Hypoallergenic fragrances
  • Food flavours 

Minimal package 10 kg. 


Different collections of cost-efficient and high-quality fragrances to be used in different detergents, household chemistry (including acid and alkaline medium), toilet soap powder detergents and air fresheners at low prices!




Free samples of the fragrances are provided upon request. 


Fragrances and flavours manufactured by Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd – your best choice!!!