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Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd (Manchester, United Kingdom) is one of the leading manufacturers of plant extracts for more than 30 years already.

All plant extracts are manufactured in the special production unit, and then they are supplied to the countries all over the world through the extensive network of agents and affiliated branches. Our extracts are successfully sold in the CSI countries, Europe, North, South and Central America, Africa, Asia and Middle East. Plant extracts manufactured by Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd gained a very good reputation on the market due to its excellent quality, competitive price, bath-to-batch similarity and high quality of services provided by our company. 

Thanks for a constant stock at our warehouse, which consists of more than 500 kinds of different kinds of plant raw materials, we may easily meet the requirements of even the most sophisticated clients. 

All the plant extracts are produced of the high-quality renewable raw materials, with the help of preservatives approved for cosmetics.

Each production lot of extracts then goes to Analytical laboratory, where it undergoes procedures of careful testing in order to conform to technical specifications and ISO9001:2000 requirements.

Special attention is paid to microbiological purity of extracts - before shipment each batch is analyzed for the presence of microorganisms.

Talanted and highly qualified specialists working for Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd are to ensure that our plant extracts will certainly meet your expectations. We have profound knowledge of all legislatures regulating the use of plant extracts, which are valid for EU countries and all over the world. All the ingredients are classified in the formulation according to  INCI nomenclature.

Technical support includes provision of material safety data sheets, technical specifications, certificates of analysis and lists of ingredients according to INCI system.

In addition to any possible certificates, FragranceOils (International) Ltd provides necessary marketing information, which helps our clients to choose the proper extract from our product range. 


Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd extracts portfolio may be nominally divided into several groups:


Standard extracts – water-based, with propylene glycol and parabens as preservatives. 

Paraben-free extracts – water and glyceryn based, sorbic and benzoic acid and their salts are used as preservatives.

Organic extracts – don't contain parabens as well, they have only organic ingredients in their composition.

Plant complexes – products contain 2 and more plant components. Plant complex has all the benefits from the components it contains. Among the other advantages is the fact that it is very easy for input in product formulation, and its cost is much lower, than the cost of standard extracts.  

Fat-soluble (lipophilic) extracts – based on isopropyl myristate, free from preservatives. They are usually used for such products in which water-based extracts cannot be used, for example, bath oil.  

Extracts on special order – You are currently using any plant extracts, but, due to different reasons, you are not satisfied with the quality of services provided by your supplier? In this case Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd may choose for you perfect analogue for the product you are currently using. This means that you will not have to bear additional expenses, which may occur if you change the list of INCI.

Extracts manufactured by Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd – Your best choice!!!